Best Fragrances for Spring

Best Fragrances for Spring - Harvey Prince Organics - Free Perfume For Woman

“Do you want all of these old lipsticks and dark nail polishes?” I asked my friend as I did a little spring cleaning on my makeup collection. “I only want to keep lighter colors for spring.”

“I would never turn down free makeup! But what about all of those fragrances?” she asked, pointing to the rows that I had lined up on my dresser.

“What about them?” I said.

“You can’t get all new spring makeup without getting new spring perfumes, that just doesn’t make sense! Why not invest in the best fragrances for spring, too?” she asked.

“The best fragrances for spring? What are they?” I asked, curious

50ml-Hello-600x600 (9)

HelloSincerely and Bailando, all 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free luxury fragrances made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils by Harvey Prince!” she said.

“What beautiful names the best fragrances for spring have! But what do they smell like?” I asked.


Bailando is a romantic blend of floral notes and warm sensual scents, topped off with a burst of fresh citrus. When you wear Bailando, you feel like you’ve escaped to some tropical island for an intimate getaway with your lover,” she explained.

“Wow, maybe I don’t even have to hear about the other best fragrances for spring, Bailando  sounds perfect!” I exclaimed.

“Not so fast!” she said. “Wait until you hear about Sincerely. It’s a blend of exotic notes from all over the world. One sweet spritz of Sincerely takes your senses to the beaches of Australia, the rose gardens of Morocco and the fields of South Africa. It’s like a free trip around the world with every spritz!”

50ml-Sincerely1-600x600 (6)

I closed my eyes to imagine these luxurious scents wafting in the air around me. “And Hello?”  I asked, eyes still closed.

“You know that warm and joyful feeling you get when the snow melts away and you start to see the green grass again? When the flowers start to sprout through the ground?” she said as I nodded. “Well, that’s how Hello smells, like the first day of spring when the sun is coming out of the clouds for the first time in months.”

“Where do I find the best fragrances for spring?” I asked. “I have to get them soon so I have time to wear them before summer comes around!”

“Just head to the Harvey Prince online store,” she said. “They’re so affordable, you’ll be able to buy all three!”