Best Scent for You

It’s no secret that women around the world love perfume, so much so that the size of the global fragrance market in 2017 is estimated at $40.8 billion. That’s a lot of money and a lot of perfume! With thousands of scent options on the market, how do you decide what’s the best fragrance for you? No worries, we’re here to help!

From our research, we have found that women generally fall into two categories of scent lovers: those who like light, fresh and clean fragrances, and others who enjoy sweet, floral perfumes. But these categories are not mutually exclusive; many women enjoy both! You might be wondering, what makes these two types of fragrances so appealing?

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Light, fresh and clean smelling fragrances are popular because they give you an out-of-the-shower, airy scent. Fragrances in this category typically contain refreshing notes such as lemon with subtle fruit or floral touches. Since the purpose behind a fragrance is to make you smell better, ones that are light, fresh and clean accomplish that easily! Moreover, these scents aren’t overpowering to either you or people around you. For many women, these qualities make light, fresh and clean scents an obvious choice!

The time of year that perfectly evokes the essence of light, fresh and clean fragrances is Spring. During the Spring, we smell flowers blooming and the scent of freshly cut grass outside of our window, so it’s no surprise that this season inspires many light, fresh and clean fragrances. Dewy Spring mornings are captured in Harvey Prince’s Hello perfume, and it is our most popular fragrance for women. Hello seamlessly blends refreshing Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, wild verbena and Satsuma mandarin notes with light forsythia and pink plumeria, as well as clean musk and soft Tahitian vanilla. These fresh notes conjure a revitalizing scent that has resonated with women of all ages and backgrounds, and Hello is a universally liked fragrance!

Hello 50ml

If you like your fragrances more sensual with a hint of sexiness, sweet, floral perfumes are the perfect pick! Sweet, floral perfumes incorporate velvety floral notes such as rose, jasmine or tuberose that are typically paired with deep wood notes including sandalwood or cedar wood. The resulting fragrances are a blend of soft sensuality and alluring sweetness. These types of perfumes are what we regularly think of when it comes to flower-based scents, and have more weight and body than light, fresh and clean fragrances due to their stronger smelling notes.

Although many women enjoy the scent of flowers, they don’t want a fragrance that smells dated or designed for a different generation. They instead want a sweet, floral fragrance that is youthful and refreshing. For these women, Harvey Prince has created Sincerely perfume with an invigorating blend of sensual Moroccan rose, Indian tuberose, Japanese Orange Flower, South African freesia and Turkish cyclamen notes, as well as spicy Indonesian clove, fresh French bergamot and Spanish mandarin, and deep Australian sandalwood and Lebanese cedar wood. The citrus notes in Sincerely lighten the scent of its floral and wood notes, while the spicy clove adds dimension and texture. Inspired by exotic travel, Sincerely’s diverse notes come together to form an incredibly intoxicating sweet, floral perfume. Women young and old alike are drawn to Sincerely’s sensual scent!

Sincerely 50ml

You might be wondering which scent is right for you: Hello or Sincerely? Why do you have to pick just one?! Fragrance is the most personal accessory we wear, and it changes with our moods and the occasion. For daywear at work, you may opt for Hello with its light, fresh and clean scent. At night, when you’re in a more sensual mood, you may go with Sincerely with its sweet, floral scent. Both fragrances are versatile enough to be worn day or night and any time of year, so why not switch up your scents? Having a perfume wardrobe gives you options so that your scent style never seems stale!

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