Best Mother’s Day Gift

Best Mother’s Day Gift - Harvey Prince Organices - Free Perfume For Woman

“Is it really almost Mother’s Day?” I whined to my friend. “I feel like I just finished Christmas shopping, and now I have to start brainstorming gift ideas all over again for all the moms in my life!”

“I know what you mean,” my friend agreed. “I’m buying my mom, grandma and mother-in-law gifts, but luckily, I already know what the best Mother’s Day gift is.”

“Well…care to share?” I asked, eager for help.

50ml-Hello-600x600 (9) copy

She dug into her purse and handed me a bottle of Hello by Harvey Prince. “It’s Hello, a 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free luxury fragrance made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils,” she said.

I looked down at the elegant, sophisticated bottle of Harvey Prince perfume. “So this is the best Mother’s Day gift?” I asked. “Let’s give it a try!” I spritzed Hello into the air and was caught off guard by the fresh notes of Meyer lemon, Satsuma mandarin and white grapefruit.

Lemon-41 (1)

“The best part about Hello is that women of all ages fall in love with it. It’s so versatile and unique that everyone from a teenager to a grandmother would be happy to wear it,” my friend explained. “That’s why it’s the best universal gift for any occasion, but especially for Mother’s Day!”

As she spoke, floral notes of summer forsythia, pink plumeria and wild verbena escaped from the best Mother’s Day gift, Hello. I could smell a soft blend of Tahitian vanilla and sensual musk blending with the floral notes around me. “With a scent this rich, Hello must be incredibly expensive. Maybe I can buy one bottle for everyone to share!” I joked.


“Don’t be ridiculous! Harvey Prince always offers affordable prices on his products in the Harvey Prince online store,” my friend said. “You can afford to buy everyone on your list the best Mother’s Day gift, and probably have some money leftover afterward, too!”

“Now that seems too good to be true!” I commented. I couldn’t wait for the moms in my life to take a whiff of Hello and experience the warmth and peacefulness that I had with just one spritz. “How do I find the Harvey Prince online store?” I asked. “I can’t wait any longer, I need to order the best Mother’s Day gift before it’s too late!”