Amber is fossilized tree resin that originates in a soft, sticky gelatinous form. It develops on trees as an external formation and hardens over time, preserving insects and plant life within it. Today, polished amber is perhaps most commonly found in jewelry. Real amber is not used in perfumes but a composite that typically includes labdanum, benzoin and vanilla is instead. The scent of amber perfume is warm, musky, rich and sweet. Amber belongs to the Oriental family of notes and is usually used as a base note in perfumes. Harvey Prince uses amber in its best perfumes for women, including Petaly Noir and Yogini fragrances.
Amber1Amber on a Tree

Petaly Noir is an intoxicatingly sweet perfume that not only includes warm amber, but also sensual orchid, lush lily of the valley, rich jasmine, deep sandalwood, intense patchouli, spicy vanilla and captivating musk. The inclusion of amber in this perfume adds a depth and richness that makes Petaly Noir’s complex scent even more captivating and alluring. Indeed, Petaly Noir is a mysterious, provocative and ultra feminine fragrance. Its heady mix of the best perfume notes, including amber, brings out your sensuality. Petaly Noir is, simply put, the best sexy perfume for women.

Yogini relaxes you, setting your feminine spirit free, with its calming blend of the best perfume essential oils. Yogini perfume includes golden amber, which exudes a cozy, comforting scent. Along with golden amber, this perfume has notes of sensual incense, mystical Egyptian myrrh, bewitching blackcurrant buds, lush lily of the valley, sexy star jasmine, regal rose, fresh ylang-ylang, spicy cardamom, warm Madagascar vanilla and deep sandalwood. Yogini transports you from the stress of daily life, giving you a soothing release with a single whiff of its addictive fragrance. Inspired by female master yoga practitioners, Yogini’s unique blend of transformative notes such as amber, incense and rose, is the best relaxing perfume to calm your senses and soothe your soul.

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