The Best Christmas Gift for Dad

My dad has been wearing the same cologne since I was little. The same, generic, department store cologne for years and it drives everyone in my family crazy! But that’s just who my dad is, he’s a very low-maintenance man who sticks to what he knows. That is, until last year when I introduced him to BIG cologne by Harvey Prince,and now I’m sure I discovered the best Christmas gift for dad.


BIG cologne  is the best Christmas gift for dad because it was the only cologne great enough to knock my dad’s old musty signature scent out of the way and become his new favorite. Maybe that’s because BIG is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so you KNOW it’s really high quality. Plus, I read online that Harvey Prince products are all 100% cruelty free, gluten free and vegan, something that really resonated with my dad, who is incredibly eco-conscious and loves animals. The best part of BIG? One day, my boyfriend was at my parents’ house and noticed the way my dad smelled. Later, he asked me to find out what cologne my dad was wearing! Have you ever seen grown men act this way about a cologne? That just proved to me that not only is BIG the best Christmas gift for dad, but for men of all ages!

big cologne (2)

So, what’s so great about BIG cologne and how is it the best Christmas gift for dad? Well, BIG is more than just a cologne, it really became a change in lifestyle for my dad. BIG allows my dad to be the bold, fearless man that he is deep down — wearing it has given him the confidence I always knew he had inside! The masculine notes of Texas cedar wood, cashmeran, Indian vetiver, Tahitian vanilla, Arabian oud, clean musk and warm amber tap into my dad’s strong and alpha male side. But men are not one-sided, and BIG respects that! Other notes like Italian mandarin, Barbadian grapefruit, Javanese lemon grass and sweet lemon oil show the softer side of men. This delicate combination of notes reminds me how much my dad has loved and supported me my entire life, and I’m so glad I got to introduce him to his new favorite cologne! Men deserve this complex fragrance that lets them tap into their masculine and sensitive sides but still allows them to be true originals!

Cedar wood-21 (2)

My dad raves about how BIG makes him feel up for any adventure or thrill that may come his way. He’s ready to face life head on thanks to BIG, and I owe a big thank you to Harvey Prince for giving me the best Christmas gift for dad.