Best Cologne for Men

My husband has never been interested in fashion or cologne, which is why I always tease him about his love affair with the best cologne for men, BIG by Harvey Prince. I’ve never seen him get so giddy or excited over a new product, especially a cologne, but BIG is unlike any other he’s ever owned.


Being an old-fashioned, traditional husband, he relies on me to pick out what he wears and do all the shopping for around the house. When I happened to stumble upon BIG by Harvey Prince in the Harvey Prince online store, my instinct told me to buy it for him because in my heart, I just knew it would be the best cologne for men. The way Harvey Prince described BIG as a cologne for men who are true originals really spoke to who my husband is, a man who is not afraid to be himself! I impulsively ordered it and waited to tell my husband until it arrived in the mail just a few days later.

Cedar wood-25

My husband hesitantly unwrapped the package, not sure of how to feel about this new cologne of his. As he took his first spritz of BIG, refreshing notes of Barbadian grapefruit, Italian mandarin, Javanese lemongrass and sweet lemon oil filled the air, awakening his senses and opening his eyes to why BIG is the best cologne for men. He then caught the scent of BIG’s masculine notes of Texas cedar wood, cashmeran and Indian vetiver, followed by sensual notes of Tahitian vanilla, Arabian oud and clean musk. This amazing combination perfectly represented my husband. BIG, the best cologne for men, was the ideal balance between masculine and soft, free-spirited yet down to earth, and fearless. It reminded me of how my husband is with our children. A great father figure, the man of the house, yet also the soft and compassionate man that I love. A grin slowly crept across my husband’s face and I knew I had found a true gem of a cologne. Thank you BIG, the best cologne for men!

man with baby

I take pride in introducing my husband to high quality, luxury brands, so when I saw Harvey Prince products are all made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, I knew I made a great find. I would never buy something that I have to feel guilty about later on, so I appreciate that not only are Harvey Prince products affordable, but they’re also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I never have to regret how much I spent, or what kind of product I spend it on, when I buy the best cologne for men, BIG, by Harvey Prince!