Best Cologne for Men

Many women focus so much on what their boyfriends or husbands are getting them for Valentine’s Day, they forget to return the favor! Every year, I love picking out gifts for my husband, and nothing has lit up his face with excitement quite like the best cologne for men, BIG by Harvey Prince.


BIG, a cologne made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, is designed for men who are true originals and not afraid to be themselves. The best cologne for men is larger than life, just like my husband, and contains a perfect balance of masculine energy and softness like him, too. Warm, manly notes of Texas cedar wood, blond woods, Indian vetiver, Tahitian vanilla, Arabian oud, clean musk and amber fill the air with every bold spritz of BIG. Just standing near my husband as he spritzes on BIG, these warm notes embrace me tightly with the same feeling that one of his own hugs has!

Cedar wood-32

Refreshing notes of Italian mandarin, Barbardian grapefruit, Javanese lemongrass and sweet lemon oil in BIG awaken my husband’s senses and boost his energy with just one whiff. Although he tries to hide it, I see a smile creep over his face as he emerges from the fragrant trance that BIG has put him under! The best cologne for men brings out the best in my husband — his adventurous, spontaneous, fearless side that I haven’t seen in so many years! With BIG, my husband feels the confidence and liberation to be his self, a true original.


My husband has a good heart which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him, and one of the many reasons he fell in love with BIG. He loves that the best cologne for men is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so he doesn’t have to feel guilty about wearing this scent. With BIG, his personality shines through, and the best cologne for men just enhances it. After seeing how much he loved it last Valentine’s Day, there was no question that I would buy it for him again this year from the Harvey Prince online store. I can’t wait to make more memories this year with my husband… and BIG!