The Best Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner is Cruelty Free

Harvey Prince is a company that’s proudly cruelty free. With our best selling Hello Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner, we do not test on animals, nor do we do so with any of our other products – scents, soaps, shower gels, or body cremes.

Why did Harvey Prince make the decision to be cruelty free when many other companies do test their products on animals? It’s simple, really. We believe that the best beauty & hair care products can be made with our safety as the highest priority, without harming the lives of innocent animals.

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We have always & will always use organic, natural ingredients that do not pose a health risk to men, women, & children. This is our promise to you. In our best selling Hello Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner, we use an organic blend of Almond, Coconut, Argan, & Jojoba oils along with Keratin, Silk, & Soy proteins to hydrate, restore, & revitalize your hair. Additionally, all natural citrus & plumeria botanical extracts tone & soften your hair.

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Our Hello Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner are free of chemicals such as sulfates & parabens, which studies have shown might be linked to cancer. The research is ongoing with sulfates & parabens, but rest assured, you will never see them in our best selling Hello Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner.

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Just as we value human lives, we respect animals’ lives, too. No animal should suffer to create a beauty product for us. The often brutal conditions & results of testing products on animals can result in irreparable damage to these innocent creatures.

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So the next time you shower with our best selling Hello Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner, know that you’re not only helping your hair, you’ve helped prevent an animal from being tested on. Harvey Prince is proud to play a role in stopping animal testing by being 100 percent cruelty free!


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