Best Feminine Perfume

At heart, I’m a girly girl. I love wearing cute, feminine dresses and skirts, and fancying myself up with my hair and makeup done. You know what the best accessory to every cute outfit is? Perfume! And the best feminine perfume? Eau So Divine by Harvey Prince.

eau so divine

So many generic department store perfumes that I’ve tried advertise themselves as the best feminine perfume, but really are just overpowering, headache-inducing fragrances. Eau So Divine puts these perfumes to shame! Floral notes of Japanese lily, Moroccan jasmine and iris gently waft around you with every spritz, lightly tickling your senses and awakening your feminine side. I love that every sweet spritz of Eau So Divine puts me at ease and transports me away from the stresses of daily life.


I think the reason why I love Eau So Divine, the best feminine perfume, so much is the fact that there’s more to it than just florals. Notes of Madagascar vanilla, Indian patchouli, dry woods and musk add a deep layer to Eau So Divine, and make me feel warm and sensual with every spritz. You know that feeling you get after splashing your face with water in the morning? That alive, refreshed feeling? Eau So Divine manages to give me this with its Italian lemon and pink grapefruit notes. The best feminine perfume has everything a modern day girl like me needs to get through the day!


Have you ever looked at the ingredients of store-bought perfumes and wondered what the heck you’re putting on your body? With the best feminine perfume, Eau So Divine, I never have to worry since all Harvey Prince products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. I’m a lot of things on top of being feminine, and one of those is eco-conscious, so I love that all Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I subtly hint to all of my family and friends to buy me the best feminine perfume from the Harvey Prince online store whenever I have a birthday coming up! Where else would I go to get best exclusive perfume deals and beauty discounts? Oh, how divine!