Best Floral Perfume

Do you ever walk into a department store and feel overwhelmed from the powerful floral perfumes the sales ladies immediately start spraying on you? I do! My eyes start to water, I get a headache, and for the rest of the day I’m surrounded by strong, irritating scents. Because of these experiences, I never thought floral perfumes were for me, but then I realized it was just because I was only exposed to these horrible floral perfumes and not the best floral perfume, Imperial Petaly Gardenia by Harvey Prince, my new everyday scent.

imperial gardenia

Imperial Petaly Gardenia is part of the Singular Scentsations line by Harvey Prince, which means only one note was used to craft this incredible scent. The best floral perfume uses the femininity and exotic essence of the gardenia flower to make a soft and elegant fragrance. Gardenias are chic and understated, just like Imperial Petaly Gardenia. The best floral perfume should complement the lady who wears it, not overpower her, and that’s truly how I feel this luxury fragrance works for me!


One spritz of the best floral perfume and I’m transported to a blooming field of flowers, with the wind blowing through my hair and the sunlight brushing against my cheeks. I awaken from my fantasy to notice the real-life attention that Imperial Petaly Gardenia brings me, with men doing double takes to look at the confident, powerful woman I have become! I love using the best floral perfume on all of my pressure points, and an extra spritz in my hair, to really drive men crazy! Imperial Petaly Gardenia has not only transformed me, but also my romantic life!


Imperial Petaly Gardenia really earns the title of the best floral perfume because it’s made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so ladies like me know it’s high quality. Because Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, I never have to worry about what ingredients go in Imperial Petaly Gardenia because I know everything is eco-conscious! I love smelling like a blooming garden of gardenias, so I’m constantly re-ordering from the Harvey Prince online store, the only place to get exclusive fragrance deals and discounts on the best floral perfume!