Best Fresh Perfume

Walking through the department store aisles, I felt suffocated by all of the strong scents in the perfume department.

“Who would ever want to wear something so overpowering and intense?” I said, thinking out loud to my friend Megan.


“I know,” she agreed. “I really don’t get why anyone would buy these perfumes when the best fresh perfume, Bailando by Harvey Prince, is in the Harvey Prince online store, not in these overpriced department stores.”

“Harvey who?” I asked, surprised that she had never brought up this man before.

Harvey Prince!” she laughed. “His products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, and everything is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Here, take a whiff of Bailando,” she said, pulling out a bottle from her bag and spritzing it into the air.


With just one sweet spritz, I understood why she called Bailando the best fresh perfume. Invigorating notes of Spanish mandarin, jasmine, Japanese orange flower and Moroccan rose were dancing in the air before gently falling onto my skin. The light floral notes mixed with the refreshing citrus scent created a perfect balance of feminine and fun in Bailando. Suddenly, I started to feel the rhythm of Bailando flow through my body, and my hips began to move!

“Wow, no wonder they call the best fresh perfume Bailando! It makes you want to get up and dance!” I laughed.

Megan laughed, “I know, it’s like a Latin beat is pulsing through your body and you have no control over it! The best fresh perfume is unlike any other fragrance that I’ve ever tried. I love how I can feel both awakened and serene at the same time.”

As my body swayed back and forth to the music in my head, I was met with notes of dry woods, Australian sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. Their warmth made me feel more relaxed and at ease with every whiff that I took.

Bailando is full of surprises,” I commented, savoring these deep base notes.

Vanilla-43 (2)

“Its scent is, but its price is definitely not. You’ll be blown away by how affordable the best fresh perfume is! Just visit the Harvey Prince online store to see what I’m talking about,” Megan said.

“Maybe later, I think this spritz will last me for quite awhile!” I laughed, my body still slightly swaying from the sensual power of Bailando.