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I couldn’t wait to celebrate my birthday with my best friend, not only because it had been so long since we had seen each other, but also because she always gives the best gifts. I showed up at her house earlier than planned because I was so anxious to see what she found for me this year. She greeted me at the door with a big hug and a wrapped gift in her hand. I stretched my hands out to reach for the gift, tingling with excitement, and ripped through the paper to reveal a perfume bottle!

Perfumista by Harvey Prince,” I read out loud, “well, the name certainly fits me,” I laughed.


“Wait until you try it,” she said. “It’s the best fresh perfume. I know you’ll love it since you hate overpowering scents.”

I was hesitant about someone else picking out a fragrance for me, but decided to give it a shot since my friend always hit the nail on the head when picking out gifts. I uncapped the bottle of the best fresh perfume and spritzed Perfumista into the air.

“Is that Moroccan jasmine and lily of the valley that I smell?” I asked.


“Wow, you have an impressive nose!” she said. “Yes, blended together with bergamot, sandalwood…”

“…Amber and musk,” I said, finishing her sentence. The notes swirled around me creating a vibrant blend of floral, citrus and warm scents. With every whiff, I felt more invigorated and full of energy, completely understanding why she referred to Perfumista as the best fresh perfume.


“If you think the notes in Perfumista are good, wait until you hear about the Harvey Prince brand,” she started. “Not only is it 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, but every product is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils!”

“Luxury and eco-conscious?” I asked, shocked.

“I know, it’s pretty uncommon in the perfume industry, but Harvey Prince is a rebel!” she said.

“Well, it looks like you did it again,” I commented.

“Did what again?” my friend asked, confused.

“You managed to completely surprise and impress me with your birthday gift yet again!” I said. “I can’t imagine you being able to top the best fresh perfume, Perfumista by Harvey Prince next year!”

“Don’t worry, there are plenty of other Harvey Prince products that I can surprise you with!” she said as we both laughed.