Best Fresh Perfume for Women

How do you give yourself a natural boost of energy when you wake up in the morning or hit that midday slump at the office? For me, I don’t grab a cup of coffee or hit the snooze button, I reach for a scent that will awaken my senses and prepare me for the fast-paced day ahead, the best fresh perfume for women, Hello by Harvey Prince.


Hello is an invigorating blend of citrus notes including Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin and wild verbena. Every whiff of these notes is like a warm welcome to my day, as if Hello’s aroma is greeting me with a smile. The best fresh perfume for women has a clean and crisp scent that lingers on my skin throughout the day, giving me a gentle push whenever I begin to lose energy or fall behind. One spritz of Hello is as refreshing as sipping on a cold glass of lemonade, a perfect balance between sweet and citrus scents.


What’s fresher than the scent of fresh flowers? Nothing, which is why the best fresh perfume for women blends citrus notes with floral notes of summer forsythia and pink plumeria. Together, these sweet notes create an ideal springtime atmosphere in the air around me with visions of blooming flowers stretching closer and closer toward the sun. Hello, the best fresh perfume for women, has warm notes of Tahitian vanilla and musk to add a deeper layer to the fragrance. These warm notes flow through my body, uplifting every inch of my being. After experiencing these emotions with every whiff of Hello, I emerge a new person, full of light and energy and ready to tackle my day.


The best fresh perfume for women is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so I can spray with abandon, feeling guilt-free about my Hello obsession! Harvey Prince products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, and though their luxury fragrances are so high quality, I never have to break my budget to add them to my collection. The best fresh perfume for women, Hello, is available through the Harvey Prince online store, the only place to go to get exclusive fragrance deals and discounts on this refreshing, loving scent.