Best Gardenia Perfume for Women

Gardenia flowers are symbols of innocence, elegance and purity. Their gorgeous white blooms draw the attention of floral lovers from around the world, but what’s even more powerful than its bloom is gardenia’s divine scent. The scent of a blooming gardenia is unlike any other in the world. I’ve longed to be able to carry this scent with me wherever I go, but I always found that many perfumes used gardenia as a side note or complement to other floral notes. Didn’t these fragrance companies realize that the gardenia scent should be left on its own? Harvey Prince did, and he created the best gardenia perfume for women, Imperial Petaly Gardenia, just for me (well, at least I think so!).

imperial petaly gardenia (1)

Imperial Petaly Gardenia is part of the Singular Scentsations line of fragrances by Harvey Prince, meaning it is crafted with just one single note, the gardenia. This gardenia fragrance is luminous and vibrant, filling you with life and energy at first whiff. The best gardenia perfume for women is also soft and delicate, while still leaving a lasting impression, lingering on my skin throughout the day. I’ve heard of love at first sight, but I never believed in love at first whiff until I tried the best gardenia perfume for women, Imperial Petaly Gardenia by Harvey Prince!

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Wearing the best gardenia perfume for women, Imperial Petaly Gardenia makes me feel elegant and ladylike, instilling a sense of femininity and power within me that I’ve never experienced before. I feel a quiet confidence that prepares me for whatever the world has to throw at me that day, all from just a sweet spritz of Imperial Petaly Gardenia! When I first saw a beautiful, blooming gardenia flower, I remember thinking that nothing could ever look as exquisite as this stunning flower, but now I know I can look and feel just as beautiful with the best gardenia perfume for women!

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The best gardenia perfume for women is not only the best smelling, but also the best for the world. Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so unlike generic department store perfumes, you can wear Harvey Prince fragrances with a guilt-free conscience. Making the choice to be eco-conscious doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury, and I never have to make this trade off with Harvey Prince, since all their products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. I don’t have to stroll through gardenia gardens to get a whiff of its heavenly scent anymore, I just head to the Harvey Prince online store to buy Imperial Petaly Gardenia, the best gardenia perfume for women!