The Best Grapefruit Perfume

Ladies, age is nothing but a number! It’s time that you got the chance to smell as young as you feel! The best grapefruit perfume for women, Young Pink Grapefruit by Harvey Prince, turns back the hands of the clock and rejuvenates your spirit.

young pink grapefruit

How can a scent make you young again? Research from a renowned research institute in Chicago has shown that when presented with the pink grapefruit smell, women appear to be up to six years younger than their actual age. Harvey Prince has taken this anti-aging effect and bottled it into a convenient, single-note fragrance, the best grapefruit perfume on the market, Young Pink Grapefruit. Give yourself a fresh, youthful spirit with just one spritz!

grapefruit (1)

Missing the hot, sunny days of summer? The best grapefruit perfume, Young Pink Grapefruit, will make you feel like the sun is shining on your shoulders, even on the coldest winter days. It’s easy to feel blue during the long, winter months, but this sweet, lively, fruity fragrance has the power to uplift you in an instant. Take a little piece of sunshine with you everywhere you go with the best grapefruit perfume on the market!


All Harvey Prince products, including Young Pink Grapefruit and our entire Singular Scentsations line, are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. These high quality products are also eco-conscious, meaning Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Shop the Harvey Prince online store for the best grapefruit perfume, Young Pink Grapefruit, for a light, single-note fragrance perfect for a stocking stuffer or surprise gift under the tree! To make the lady in your life smile extra wide, pick up a few additional Singular Scentsation fragrances so she can layer the perfumes and create her own signature scent!