Best Holiday Perfumes

This time of year, my social calendar is always booked solid. Between work, Christmas shopping and holiday parties with family and friends, I barely have any time to myself! I don’t want to spend hours searching for the best holiday perfumes to wear through the season, and I never have to again now that I’ve found Temptress and Petaly Noir by Harvey Prince. Why worry about the best holiday perfumes? Well, as women we obsess over our makeup, our clothes, our shoes…shouldn’t we spend the same amount of time worrying about how we smell?


I first discovered Temptress when trying to find a flirty fragrance to wear to my office holiday party last year. I had my eye on one of my co-workers, but was too shy to approach him, so I wanted to make my move through my scent! Temptress is crafted with notes of pumpkin pie and lavender, which have been proven to evoke a more passionate response in men than any other combination of scents! Not only is Temptress one of the best holiday perfumes because it’s fun and flirty, but also because of its seasonal notes. The combination of pumpkin pie, cinnamon and nutmeg make me long for the days of winter all year long! My favorite part of Temptress? The floral notes of jasmine, freesia and ylang-ylang, which add a feminine feel to the fragrance. When I wore Temptress to my office holiday party last year, not only did I catch the eye of my crush, all of my co-workers kept asking me where I got this fabulousfragrance!


Another of the best holiday perfumes is without a doubt Petaly Noir. One spritz of this sexy fragrance instantly makes me feel intensely feminine and seductive! I love the exotic floral notes of lily of the valley, night-blooming jasmine and tropical orchid. Luxuriously rich notes of vanilla and musk awaken my spirit every time I put this fragrance on. Want a little tip? I spray this sexy scent on my hair before meeting up with a guy, and through the night, I’ll notice him leaning in closer and closer to get a better whiff! Petaly Noir is deeply sensual and warm, which is perfect for the winter when you want to get closer to your guy!


I hate spending a ton of money on perfumes online only to get them delivered and realize they are not good quality! With Harvey Prince, I know I never have to worry about that happening since all their products are made with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. Plus, since all Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, gluten free and vegan, I never have to feel guilty for wearing them! I immediately bookmarked the Harvey Prince online store so I could visit it all the time, and I recommend you doing the same to easily buy the best holiday perfumes!