Best Holiday Stocking Stuffers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and no matter how old you get, stocking stuffer presents are always a welcome gift! So, what are the best holiday stocking stuffers for women this year? Every woman’s Christmas morning will be brighter with Harvey Prince Mini Roller perfumes in her stocking! What are Mini Roller perfumes? These perfumes are the best small gifts for the holidays because they pack all the punch of our Harvey Prince fragrances in conveniently sized bottles that fit into your pocket or purse. Instead of spritzing this fragrance on, women rub our Mini Rollers directly onto skin for a wonderful, enticing smell!


One of our favorite Harvey Prince Mini Roller scents is the Madagascar Vanilla, which is definitely one of the best holiday stocking stuffers. Madagascar Vanilla is an ideal scent for winter because of its warm, cozy feel that will take away the stress of the holidays with one sniff! This Harvey Prince Singular Scentsation is calming enough to relieve the stress of wrapping presents, cooking Christmas dinner, and surviving a night with the in-laws! Purchase this sweet vanilla Mini Roller to giftone of the best holiday stocking stuffers of theseason!


Another one of the best holiday stocking stuffers is the Yogini Mini Roller by Harvey Prince. Yogini provides a calming glow to women, which is sometimes lost during the crazy holiday season. Floral notes of lily of the valley, star jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang elevate your senses while deeper notes of incense, blackcurrant buds, cardamom, Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood, Egyptian myrrh and golden amber add asoothing sensual layer to this scent. An added note of pink grapefruit creates a refreshingly light and brightflavor to this warmly scented mini roller, making it one of the best holiday stocking stuffers for women. Dab this on pressure points to instantly soothe your soul and lift your spirit!

Eastern Incense

Even in mini roller size, Harvey Prince products are still high quality and eco-conscious! All products are made in the USA with the best essential oils and finest natural ingredients. Not to mention that all of our products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free! Get started on shopping for the best holiday stocking stuffers in the Harvey Prince online store where you have access to the bestperfume deals and exclusivediscounts!