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“You will never believe what my mom asked me to get her for Mother’s Day,” I said to my friend, Julie.

“What?” she asked. “Something crazy expensive as usual? I know your mom LOVES all things luxury.”

“No,” I laughed, “she wants me to find her a signature scent. How can I pick out a signature scent for someone else? That’s impossible!”

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“Oh, that’s all?” Julie said. “Just buy her the best luxury perfume, Signature by Harvey Prince. You’ll love it because it’s 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, and she’ll love that it’s made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. It’s perfect for both of you!”

“What a coincidence that it’s called Signature, too! But what does it smell like? You know how picky my mom can be…” I said with hesitation.


“Words can’t even begin to do the best luxury perfume justice,” she said. “It starts with a fresh burst of pink grapefruit, Japanese mikan and citrus, then transforms into a blend of feminine tuberose, jasmine, lotus, and honeysuckle.”

“All of those incredible notes in one perfume? Now I get why Signature is called the best luxury perfume…it must be pretty pricey.” I said, disappointed that she had gotten my hopes up about this potential Mother’s Day gift.

“No way! It’s Harvey Prince! All of his products are affordably priced, but they’re so high quality that your mom will think you spent a fortune on Signature!” Julie said.

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As she spoke, I pulled up the Harvey Prince online store on my phone and read the description for the best luxury perfume. “Wow, you didn’t mention the patchouli, Madagascar vanilla and amber notes! And all of these incredible perfume deals and discounts! Where has Harvey Prince been hiding for all of these years?!” I asked in wonder.

“Aren’t you glad I introduced you to the best luxury perfume just in time for Mother’s Day? You really owe me one!” she said as we both laughed.