Best Luxury Perfume for Women

After experimenting with so many different brands and types of perfumes, I was ready to say goodbye to wearing scents altogether. I was so tired of feeling overpowered by my fragrance, or feeling like I was putting dangerous chemicals on my body because of these irresponsible companies. Then, I realized I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the world of perfumes, I was ready to say hello to the best luxury perfume for women, Hello by Harvey Prince!


Even after all the fragrances that I’ve tried, I’ve never found one with exotic and unique notes like the best luxury perfume for women, Hello by Harvey Prince. Each bottle of Hello is crafted with citrus notes of Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin and wild verbena, an awakening and invigorating jolt to my day. A single spritz of these bright notes is as refreshing as pouring a glass of ice cold lemonade, sipping on the sweetness and savoring the taste of spring and summer. These citrus notes in Hello combine with floral notes of pink plumeria and summer forsythia, which together create the perfect springtime aroma. In my mind’s eye, I imagine a spritz of the best luxury perfume for women causing blooming flowers to pop up on the ground around me, the sun smiling down on us. Hello has the power to bring the cheerfulness and joy of spring to me even in the middle of winter!


To balance these bright and rejuvenating notes, the best luxury perfume for women has deeper notes of Tahitian vanilla and sensual musk to warm my soul and settle my spirit. Hello makes me feel like I’m stepping off a private jet onto the island of Hawaii, being greeted with a beautiful lei around my neck and the sound of the ocean waters lapping against the shore. The peace and calmness that comes with every spritz of Hello is indescribable! I use Hello every morning to start my day off with a smile, and every night to wish myself a rest with sweet dreams.


I know that Hello is by far the best luxury perfume for women because it’s made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. This sweet fragrance is the perfect accessory to any outfit, especially because it’s 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. After all, eco-consciousness is a good look on every lady! My favorite part about Hello by Harvey Prince is the price! I thought it wouldn’t be possible to find a brand with luxury perfumes and beauty products for women at an affordable price, but alas, Harvey Prince has proven me wrong once again! I know that spring is only a few months long, but thanks to the best luxury perfume for women, it’s springtime all year round for me.