Best Luxury Perfume

A few of my friends have been talking about the best luxury perfume, Hello by Harvey Prince. Whenever they started raving about it, I would just roll my eyes and ignore them. They brag about how Hello is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, but is still affordable. How could the best luxury perfume be high quality AND be reasonably priced? That’s impossible!


Well, I’m not ashamed to admit…I was wrong! When I finally gave in and smelled the best luxury perfume, one single whiff of Hello transported me to a beautiful, spring morning with the sun shining and birds chirping around me. I could almost feel the rays of light warming my shoulders, and I couldn’t help the smile that slowly crept across my face! This best luxury perfume has been my secret weapon this winter. When I start to miss the warm days of spring and summer, I spritz on Hello and forget about my winter blues!


What makes Hello the best luxury perfume? The incredible notes used to craft this fragrance, for one. Citrus notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin and verbena give this scent a refreshing and rejuvenating quality. These citrus notes make it the perfect early morning fragrance. I spritz Hello on the second I pull myself out of bed for an instant boost of energy. The floral notes of forsythia andplumeria give Hello a delicate, sweet quality, one that is subtle and not overpowering like the supposedlyluxury perfumesfound at department stores. Tahitian vanilla and musk add a deep, sensual feel to Hello, making the best luxury perfume a well-rounded, versatile fragrance that everyone can enjoy.


The best luxury perfume should be made for all women, including eco-conscious ladies! Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, gluten free and vegan so I can use them with a guilt-free mind. You won’t believe the exclusive deals and discounts you’ll find on the best luxury perfume in the Harvey Prince online store. I love checking for new, exciting deals and products! I’m forever indebted to my friends for introducing me to the best luxury perfume, Hello by Harvey Prince.