Best New Perfume for Women

Have you ever noticed that the so-called new perfumes in cosmetic specialty stores and department stores all smell the same? It’s like they just take the same formula and repackage it in order to sell to us beauty lovers over and over again. How hard could it be to find the best new perfume for women that actually gave me a different scent than what I already owned? It turns out, I was looking in all the wrong places! If I had just gone straight to the Harvey Prince online store, I would have immediately found the best new perfume for women, Bailando by Harvey Prince.


Bailando is crafted with exotic floral notes of Japanese orange flower, Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine, leaving me feeling feminine and flirty as these scents dance across my skin. When I have a date night planned with my boyfriend, I always spritz on a little Bailando to set the mood for the evening. The best new perfume for women puts me in a playful mood, ready to hit the town dancing and feel the rhythm of music in my soul. No matter where we end up that night, I feel as if we are two lovers alone on a dark, romantic street in a far-off Caribbean island. The floral notes in Bailando wrap around us, pulling us in closer together as we embrace under the moonlight.


Deep, warm notes of Madagascar vanilla, musk, Australian sandalwood and dry woods in the best new perfume for women, Bailando, infuse a stillness and calm in my soul, allowing me to accept whatever adventures the evening has in store for me! These intoxicating, comforting notes put me under their soothing spell, leaving my boyfriend and me in a fragrant trance!


Unlike all of the generic perfumes I encountered when shopping at department stores, the best new perfume for women, Bailando by Harvey Prince, is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so I can enjoy a romantic evening with a guilt-free conscience! I can’t wait to see what other perfumes Harvey Prince has up his sleeve! I know everything sold through the Harvey Prince online store is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so I’ll no doubt be in love with every one of the best new perfumes for women he releases!