Best Perfume for Spring

Every year as the seasons change from winter to spring, I begin to do a little spring cleaning and throw out the things I don’t need anymore. In some ways, this allows me to start fresh with the new season, giving me a bright outlook on life. As I rummaged through all of the things in my bedroom, I came across a bottle of Hello by Harvey Prince. Just holding it in my hand, I remembered wearing it everyday of spring the year before, and knew I’d never be able to throw this 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free fragrance out. After all, Hello is the best perfume for spring.

50ml-Hello-600x600 (9)

To relive my memories, I uncapped my bottle of Hello and let a delicate spritz of its scent float to my neck. Refreshing notes of Meyer lemon, white grapefruit and Satsuma mandarin greeted me, and I realized it had been too long since I had used the best perfume for spring! All of the uplifting and invigorating feelings that I had experienced the year before came rushing back with just this one spritz. I could taste the sweet lemonade of spring in my mouth and feel the warmth of the sun breaking through the clouds.


The best perfume for spring, Hello, burst through these citrus notes with floral scents of summer forsythia, pink plumeria and wild verbena. Even though I was in the middle of my bedroom, it felt as if the blooms of these beautiful flowers were sprouting through the earth around me. I turned to warm my face on the sun’s rays and was met with warm notes of Tahitian vanilla and musk. In this moment, I was experiencing the best of the spring season, all thanks to Hello, the best perfume for spring.


Snapping out of my fantasy, I put Hello to the side and continued with my spring cleaning. After experiencing a scent as powerful as the best spring perfume by Harvey Prince, I started to reexamine all of my other fragrances. Harvey Prince offers eco-conscious scents that are also made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so why would I settle for anything less? Ladies, do your spring cleaning and get rid of your toxic perfumes to make room for Harvey Prince and the best perfume for spring, Hello!