Best Romantic Perfume

My husband had planned a date night for just the two of us, but when I got home after work, he was nowhere to be found. Thinking that he had forgotten about our plans, I called him to see where he was.

“I’ll be home in a few minutes, but look on the dining room table. I left you a present,” he told me.

I walked into the dining room and immediately recognized the packaging from one of my favorite brands, Harvey Prince. When I opened the box, I gasped as I saw the best romantic perfume, Bailando by Harvey Prince.

bailando50 (3)

A jolt of energy blasted through my body as refreshing Spanish mandarin gently drifted from the bottle of the best romantic perfume. Then, soft and feminine notes of Japanese orange flower, Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine were released into the air as I spritzed the best romantic perfume, Bailando. With every whiff, I remembered why I loved Harvey Prince, not just for his dedication to creating 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free products, but also for the mood that each of his luxury fragrances creates. Harvey handpicks each note for his perfumes, which are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so each fragrance blend is made with love.


Warm notes of sandalwood, dry woods, Madagascar vanilla and clean musk in Bailando brought me back to thinking of my adorable husband. I couldn’t believe that he went out of his way to plan such a special surprise for me. These soothing notes that lingered on my skin made me crave the warm embrace of my husband more than ever.


Suddenly, I felt his arms wrap around me. I was under the spell of the best romantic perfume that I didn’t even hear him come in the door!

“Shall we?” he asked, outstretching his hand.

I clasped his hand in mine and he pulled my body close to him, wrapping both of us in the intoxicating scent of Bailando, the best romantic perfume. That night, we missed our reservations at our favorite restaurant and the showing of the movie we had planned to see, but looking back, it was still the most romantic evening we’ve ever had, all thanks to Harvey Prince!