Best Romantic Perfume for Women

What comes to mind when I think of romance? Taking a romantic journey to the country of Italy, strolling the cobblestone streets and admiring the beauty of Italian architecture… and Italian men! One more thing that comes to mind? The best romantic perfume for women, Baciami by Harvey Prince.


With one spritz of Baciami, the best romantic perfume for women, I am transported to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, with intricate Baroque sculptures filling my view. The citrus notes in Baciami of fresh lemon, tangy cassis and pineapple awaken my senses. I close my eyes and take in the soft sound of the fountain’s water and the whispers of the crowd around me. Rich notes of sweet brown sugar, sandalwood, vanilla and musk linger in the air around me, and suddenly I see a man turn and look in my direction, obviously attracted by the best romantic perfume for women, Baciami by Harvey Prince.

brown sugar

As he approaches me, he becomes wrapped in the floral notes of calla lily and intoxicating jasmine, falling deeper and deeper under the spell of the best romantic perfume for women, Baciami by Harvey Prince. He reaches his hand out as if to ask me for a dance, right here in the middle of this public area. I look at him, confused, and he pulls me into his arms, our bodies swaying back and forth to music that we have created in our minds. He leans in close, takes a deep whiff of my neck, and whispers, “you smell magnificent.”


One spritz of the best romantic perfume for women, Baciami, has created a fantasy better than any romance novel or love story I’ve ever encountered! Over the years, Harvey Prince is the only man in my life who hasn’t disappointed me! I love that his products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, and especially love that they’re made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. The newest Harvey Prince fragrance, Baciami, definitely allows him to continue this streak of endlessly impressing me! I can’t wait to visit the Harvey Prince online store and see what other luxury perfumes he has for romantic women like me!