Best Rose Perfume for Women

Around the world, roses are known to symbolize passion, romance and love. Giving the gift of a rose translates across many languages and cultures to mean the same thing: I love you. That’s why so many men end up buying their wives and girlfriends a bouquet of fresh roses on Valentine’s Day. Of course I love and appreciate the sentiment behind giving the gift of roses, but I was kind of bored with getting the same dozen flowers year after year. Wasn’t there another way to say I love you? Now there is, with the best rose perfume for women, Damask Rose by Harvey Prince.

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Damask Rose, the best rose perfume for women, is a fragrance made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so every whiff of this fragrance takes my mind, body and soul to a beautiful, blooming rose garden. Harvey Prince understands the intense power and passion behind roses, which is why he crafted Damask Rose with just a single note–pure Moroccan rose.

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When my husband first gave me Damask Rose, the best rose perfume for women, I melted into his arms! What a perfect way to take the energy, love and scent from a bouquet of roses and give me a gift that will last much longer than flowers. That evening, we had one of our most romantic Valentine’s Days together, with the only thing between us being the sweet lingering scent of Damask Rose! Whenever I spritz on the best rose perfume for women, I am reminded of the closeness and intimacy we shared on that night, all thanks to Damask Rose!


My husband not only picked the best rose perfume for women, but also the most eco-conscious one! Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so I never have to feel guilty about swapping my rose bouquet for a bottle of sweet rose perfume. I can’t thank him enough for finding the Harvey Prince online store and introducing me to a world of high-end, luxury perfumes! I definitely am not waiting until next Valentine’s Day to reorder Damask Rose, the best rose perfume for women!