Best Sandalwood Perfume

I’ve never been very adventurous in life or when it comes to my perfumes, but one scent had the power to change all of that. It happened as I was preparing to leave on a trip to India to reconnect with myself and be spontaneous for the first time in my life. A friend of mine tossed a bottle of the best sandalwood perfume, Mysore Sandalwood by Harvey Prince, into my bag and as I stared at her quizzically, she just winked without a word.


My first day in India was spent in the southern city of Mysore, a beautiful area full of rich culture and history. I weaved my way through the streets to make it to the famous Devaraja Market where vendors lined the streets selling beautiful hand-beaded saris and intricately crafted bangle jewelry. As I eyed a piece of jewelry, I heard a clink in my bag and remembered that the best sandalwood perfume, Mysore Sandalwood by Harvey Prince, was inside. I reached into my bag to retrieve it and lifted its cap, when suddenly everything seemed to move in slow motion around me.


The notes of the best sandalwood perfume trickled out of the bottle and the air was full of exotic cardamom, cumin, clary sage, dewy rose and chamomile. As time stopped, I savored every ounce of Mysore Sandalwood including its warm amber, musk, Mysore sandalwood and cypress that lingered on my skin after I applied it to my pulse points. Then, I was jolted back to reality as the man next to me nudged me and pointed to my bottle. I extended it to him for a whiff of the best sandalwood perfume, Mysore Sandalwood. He closed his eyes and smiled as he whispered, “You have the best scents of India bottled into a fragrance!”


It’s a mystery how Harvey Prince manages to find all of these incredibly unique scents to add to his luxury fragrances, but I’m so happy that he does. Each Harvey Prince product, including the best sandalwood perfume, is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, and is also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. My trip to India represented the first time in my life that I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and I’m so happy that I had Harvey Prince by my side when I did!