Best Sandalwood Perfume

For years, I’ve been trying to tell my best friend that there is more to perfumes than basic florals and citrus scents. I knew the best way to convince her was to just show her, so I signed her up for a subscription to The Story of Perfume, a monthly subscription box by Harvey Prince. Once she received the India-themed box with the Mysore Sandalwood fragrance, I no longer needed to explain to her that she needed to branch out with her fragrances. She has now officially discovered, like I knew she would, the best sandalwood perfume, Mysore Sandalwood by Harvey Prince.


What’s so great about the best sandalwood perfume? Well, first of all, Mysore Sandalwood is a private blend fragrance included in The Story of Perfume box that is exclusive to subscribers! I love feeling like I have the inside scoop on beauty and fragrance products, and because each Story of Perfume box contains two exclusive,private blend perfumes, I feel like this on a monthly basis!

story of perfume 2

But, the real selling point of the best sandalwood perfume, Mysore Sandalwood, for my best and friend and me was the incredible scent! Mysore Sandalwood is warm and soft; it’s as comforting as wrapping up in a cozy blanket in front of a burning fire with one of my favorite books. The sandalwood scent is long-lasting, so we can smell it on each other hours after we first spritzed! I love the deep and rich smell of sandalwood, which makes me feel confident and secure, without feeling overpowered by my fragrance, which is what happens to me a lot with more girly floral perfumes. Mysore Sandalwood has become my best friend’s new everyday scent, and mine too!


Even though the best sandalwood perfume, Mysore Sandalwood, is crafted with notes from India, Harvey Prince products are all made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. My best friend was wary of using a new perfume because she’s so eco-conscious, so I couldn’t wait to tell her that Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Thanks to the best sandalwood perfume, my friend is now a devoted Harvey Prince and The Story of Perfume perfumista!