Best Sensual Perfume

After being married for so long, sometimes it’s hard to put the spice back into things, but recently I found a little secret weapon that will never leave my side. What is it? Petaly Noir by Harvey Prince, the best sensual perfume for women!

petaly noir (2)

Petaly Noir is oozing with femininity, which makes me feel like one of those glamorous old-time Hollywood movie stars! This best sensual perfume is crafted with floral notes of lily of the valley, night-blooming jasmine and tropical orchid, so not only do I feel feminine, but exotic and unique, too. One soft spritz of these floral notes, and my senses go into overdrive, slipping into a euphoric state! Have you ever been in the middle of a field of blooming flowers where their fragrant floral scent just fills every ounce of the air? That’s how I feel when I wear Petaly Noir, completely wrapped in this divine scent, thanks to the best sensual perfume.


Even though I love Petaly Noir’s floral notes, I think the real sensuality of the best sensual perfume comes from its notes of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk. These deeper notes ignite my inner fire and truly tap into my sensual side. With one spritz, my husband isinstantly drawn to me, leaning closer and closer to find the source of this magical scent! The alluring combination of all the notes in Petaly Noir is like a soft tickle on my senses, and immediately puts my husband in the mood for a night of romance.


You know what else about this best sensual perfume really makes me turn off my mind and channel my inner seductress? The fact that all Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so I never have to feel guilty about what I’m buying. I’ve never experienced an eco-conscious product that is so high quality! Harvey Prince products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. When I know I’m planning a big date night with my husband, I always make sure I’m stocked up with Petaly Noir by shopping in the Harvey Prince online store, the only place I go to get the best exclusive perfume deals and beauty discounts!