Best Sexy Perfume

Perfume has the power to make women feel sexy and seductive with just one sweet spritz. What’s the best sexy perfume? Temptress, a scent as flirty as its name suggests, by Harvey Prince is by far the best sexy perfume on the market. This subtle yet sexy scent does all the flirting for you the second you enter a room!

Temptress Perfume

How do we know this little vixen of a fragrance is the best sexy perfume? Two of the main notes in Temptress, pumpkin pie and lavender, have been shown by research to arouse men more than other popular scent combinations! Spritz Temptress on to immediately set the tone for an evening of romance on your upcoming fall dates.


Along with the alluring notes of pumpkin pie and lavender, this fragrance has a feminine, delicate scent of florals with jasmine, freesia and ylang ylang notes. A light citrus note gives Temptress a refreshing quality, while the deeper notes of spicy cinnamon and amber add to this sexy, fall season scent. Keep him enchanted by wearing the best sexy perfume for women, Temptress by Harvey Prince.

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