Best Sweet Perfume

I had been in Italy for a few weeks on what was supposed to be a life-changing adventure. For some reason, I thought going there by myself would be an incredible experience, but I was feeling so homesick that it was hard to enjoy it. One morning, I received a package from my friend back home who knew that I wasn’t having as good of a time as I had hoped. Inside was a bottle of the best sweet perfume, Baciami by Harvey Prince, a 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free fragrance. The second that I unwrapped her package, the rest of my trip changed for the better!


Uncapping the best sweet perfume, Baciami, I took a deep inhale of its fresh lemon, tangy cassis and ripe pineapple. Just one whiff of these invigorating notes and my mood was completely transformed. I forgot about missing home, and a new sense of adventure washed over me! I finished applying Baciami  to my pulse points and skipped out the door, ready to truly see Italy for the first time even though I had been there for weeks already. As I strutted down the street, I left a trail of the best sweet perfume, Baciami behind me. It was as if petals of calla lily and jasmine were dropping behind me as I glided effortlessly through the historic streets. Men and women turned to stare, wondering who I was and what scent I was wearing!


I found a quiet spot next to the Trevi Fountain to absorb the beauty and history of Rome. Sweet brown sugar, sandalwood, vanilla and musk from Baciami were swimming in the air around me when I caught the eye of a tall, handsome man just a few feet away from me. He did a double take and began to inhale the best sweet perfume, instantly enraptured by its scent. He slowly made his way over to me, as I confidently reached my hand forward, waiting for him to kiss it. He smiled and obliged. Taking a seat next to me, he whispered, “What is that incredible scent?”


I smiled, “Baciami…” but before I could tell him about Harvey Prince, he leaned in for a kiss, taking me by surprise.

“Baciami means ‘kiss me’ in Italian,” he explained as we both laughed.

I sometimes imagine how the rest of my trip would have been if I never found the best sweet perfume, Baciami by Harvey Prince. This luxury fragrance, made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, changed my trip and my life, with just a single sweet whiff!