Best Sweet Perfume

Walking through the hallways at work last week, a scent caught my senses by surprise. I turned and retraced my steps, following the scent to see where something so incredible could possibly be coming from. Finally, I entered the break room and saw my co-worker, Jenny, sitting there with a cup of coffee. Before I even opened my mouth to speak, Jenny smiled and said, “It’s the best sweet perfume, Eau So Divine by Harvey Prince.”


Our small break room was bursting with the feminine scent of Japanese lily, Moroccan jasmine and sweet iris blooms. As I sat under the spell of Eau So Divine, Jenny quickly pulled up the Harvey Prince online store on her phone and showed it to me. “See, this is where I got the best sweet perfume. All the products in this store are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, and made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils.”

Jasmine-26 (3)

“I love how the patchouli, dry woods, musk and Madagascar vanilla balance out the femininity of the scent. No wonder they call it the best sweet perfume, it’s the best of both worlds!” I exclaimed.

“My favorite part is the Italian lemon and pink grapefruit that explodes into the air with every spritz. See?” Jenny asked, as she let out a light spritz of the best sweet perfume, Eau So Divine, in the air.


“Wow…” I mumbled, enchanted by the scent. “What a beautiful looking bottle, too.”

“I know, you’d never be able to guess that their eco-conscious and luxury products are so affordably priced based on the packaging!” Jenny said.

“Affordably priced, too?” I asked in wonder. “Where has this Harvey Prince been all of my life?!” I grabbed Jenny’s phone from her and began scrolling through the Harvey Prince online store so I could get my hands on the best sweet perfume as soon as possible!