Best Sweet Perfume for Women

Usually, my boyfriend has no clue what to get me when it comes to buying me gifts for Valentine’s Day. I never expect much from him, but I can’t get mad…he’s just a typical guy — so clueless when it comes to knowing what I want! That’s why I was absolutely shocked when he nailed my Valentine’s Day present last year. What did he get me? The best sweet perfume for women, Eau So Divine by Harvey Prince.


When I unwrapped the best sweet perfume for women, Eau So Divine, I was greeted with a beautiful, intoxicating scent even through the packaging! I was speechless, and looked to my boyfriend who had a huge smile on his face, knowing he had gotten me the best Valentine’s gift! Soft floral notes in Eau So Divine of Japanese lily, Moroccan jasmine and iris danced around us when I spritzed the best sweet perfume for women and embraced my boyfriend.


Then, the deeper notes of the best sweet perfume for women, Eau So Divine by Harvey Prince, came over me. Madagascar vanilla, sensual patchouli, dry woods and clean musk settle my soul and add a subtle intensity to balance the sweetness of Eau So Divine. A refreshing breeze of Italian lemon and pink grapefruit notes are also added to give Eau So Divine a welcome zest, full of life, passion and love.


My boyfriend made me fall in love with the best sweet perfume for women (and him!) even more when he told me Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I can’t believe he remembered that I only wear eco-conscious beauty products! Harvey Prince products are also made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. With this level of quality, I couldn’t imagine how much he spent on the best sweet perfume for women, Eau So Divine. Then, I visited the Harvey Prince online store and realized how affordable theirluxury fragrances are. What a smart, level-headed man I’ve found…my boyfriend, and Harvey Prince, too!