Best Travel Set

I love traveling and seeing new places all around the world, but you know what bugs me the most about living out of a suitcase? I don’t get to keep up with my hair and body care routine because it’s so hard to lug all of those beauty products around in a suitcase. I’ve tried buying a few samples that they sell at grocery stores and department stores, but it’s just not the same as having my normal products with me! By the end of my trip, my hair always falls flat and my skin feels dry and flaky. It’s like my hair and skin miss my products as much as I do! I never thought I would find the solution to this problem until I discovered the best travel set, the Hello Travel Set by Harvey Prince!

hello travel set

Where do I even begin? Let’s start from the top with the hair care! The best travel set comes with sulfate-free, color safe Hello Shampoo and Conditioner, two of my showering staples. When I use this dynamic duo, my hair shines, bounces and flips like I’m starring in some kind of hair commercial! My hair has been damaged from years of coloring, flat-ironing and blow drying my hair, but the Hello Shampoo and Conditioner hydrate my damaged hair and restore its natural beauty. But that’s not the only thing from the best travel set that makes my shower experience feel like home while I’m on the road. The shower gel, Hello Liquid Loofah, in each travel set makes keeping clean a breeze while traveling. Who ever remembers to pack a loofah or sponge with them when they travel? Not me! That’s why the Hello Liquid Loofah is perfect…you can apply it directly on your skin! I get so caught up in my showers with these three incredible products, I usually don’t snap out of my trance until I feel the water getting cold!


The best travel set fun doesn’t stop when I get out of the shower, either. The Hello Body Cream included in each set makes me feel revitalized and energized from head to toe. It’s like I get to lock in this incredible scent and a soft, nourished feeling on my skin for the rest of the day. Traveling, especially on airplanes, can severely dry out my skin, but the Hello Body Cream takes care of all of that with just one use! I finish my routine off with a spritz of the best selling-fragrance, Hello. With notes like Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin, plumeria, forsythia, verbena, vanilla and musk, I close my eyes when I spritz Hello, and when I reopen them, I’m ready to tackle my day.


When I travel, I follow this beauty routine and emerge out of the bathroom feeling like a new woman! I don’t have to sacrifice my hair and body care routine just because I’m on the road, and something else I don’t have to sacrifice when I use the best travel set? My beliefs. Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I love that Harvey Prince cares about what we as women want from our products! Each of their products is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so I know I’m using the highest-quality, luxury products on the market! When I know I’m about to travel, I immediately head to the Harvey Prince online store to buy the best travel set and prepare for my adventures…from head to toe!