Best Valentine’s Gift for Women

I love getting gifts for my birthday, holidays or special occasions but I hate the feeling afterward of knowing all the gifts have been unwrapped and there are no more surprises! My husband knows this about me, so he always goes out of his way to think of long-lasting gifts to give me so I can hold on to the excitement as long as possible. This year, he found the best Valentine’s gift for women, a subscription to The Story of Perfume by Harvey Prince.

story of perfume

The Story of Perfume is the best Valentine’s gift for women because it’s the gift that keeps on giving month after month! This subscription box is delivered right to my doorstep every month, so I get an exciting surprise waiting just for me when I get home. Each box contains two fragrances that are exclusive to The Story of Perfume subscribers and are made from incredible, luxurious notes such as Kashmiri saffron, Bulgarian rose, Japanese sakura, Australian sandalwood and more. These high quality notes are blended in a number of different ways to create a variety of fragrances that I can collect over the months from my Story of Perfume box. So many men just get their wives one fragrance for Valentine’s Day, but my husband got me the best Valentine’s gift for women, a year’s supply of perfumes with new arrivals every month!Best of all? The exclusive fragrances each month in The Story of Perfume are inspired by a specific country, so it’s like I get to travel the world without ever leaving my home!


The best Valentine’s gift for women also brings me two samples from the best-selling line of Harvey Prince fragrances every month, along with two samples from their line of bath, body and hair products. I get to test these products and decide if I like them (which I admit, I always do!) before I spend money on buying the full-sized versions. So far, my favorite has been the sulfate-free Hello Shampoo, which left my hair feeling cleansed, nourished and silky smooth. It’s incredible to me that Harvey Prince was able to fit all of these wonderful items in one box, but that’s why I gave the title of the best Valentine’s gift for women to The Story of Perfume!


Unlike so many other subscription boxes, the best Valentine’s gift for women, The Story of Perfume, never leaves me questioning the quality of the products inside. Harvey Prince products are all made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, plus they are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. With every box of the best Valentine’s gift for women, I am guaranteed high quality, eco-conscious products. The best part, though, is that every month when I receive my Story of Perfume box, I am reminded of the time and thought put into this gift from my husband, so I can feel his love year-round!