Best Valentines Gift for Women

Men sometimes make everything so difficult, right ladies?! Every year, I listen to my husband go on and on about how I’m the most difficult person to shop for and how he doesn’t understand what women want for Valentine’s Day gifts! I always try to tell him it’s not as hard as it seems! To purchase the best Valentines gift for women, all he has to do is go to the Harvey Prince online store and buy me Damask Rose, a rose fragrance by Harvey Prince! Finally, last year I got him to listen and take my advice. Now, he’ll never stress about my Valentine’s Day gift again!

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When I unwrapped the best Valentines gift for women, Damask Rose, last year, my face lit up in excitement! This subtle and sexy fragrance is part of the Singular Scentsations line by Harvey Prince, meaning it was crafted with just one note—in this case, Moroccan roses—because that’s all that it needs! Why do women love roses? Because a rose feels intimate, romantic and thoughtful. With Damask Rose, these qualities are bottled into a luxury perfume that lasts much longer than a bouquet of roses ever could.


Every time I spritz on Damask Rose, I am reminded of our Valentine’s Day spent together and the thoughtfulness behind my husband’s gift. Wearing the best Valentines gift for women is like carrying a little piece of my husband’s love and affection with me everywhere I go. I just apply Damask Rose directly onto my pulse points, with an extra spritz into my hair, and then go about my day, catching sweet whiffs of his wonderful gift with every head turn or body movement. For just a brief moment, I am transported to exotic rose gardens with my face turned toward the sun as roses bloom around me, my husband by my side.

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I don’t plan on using the best Valentines gift for women sparingly, so I hope my husband knows he has to plan on reordering Damask Rose from the Harvey Prince online store on a yearly basis! At first, I thought a fragrance like this, made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, had to be incredibly pricey, but I was pleased to find out it’s affordable, too! Damask Rose’s reasonable price combined with the fact that it’s 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free means I don’t have to feel guilty for wearing and loving the best Valentines gift for women!