Best Valentines Gift

I know that picking out the best Valentines gift can be stressful for my husband because he gets so anxious trying to find the perfect present for me! I hate seeing him get so worked up over something so simple, so I always give him a hint and let him know the best Valentines gift year after year will always be Damask Rose by Harvey Prince.


Damask Rose is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance by Harvey Prince that will withstand the test of time with its classic yet modern rose scent. This fragrance is part of Harvey Prince’s Singular Scentsations line since it is crafted with just the use of one note, the rose. As far back as I can remember, the smell of roses has elicited this calming and passionate response in me. Maybe it’s because receiving a bouquet of roses is a sign of affection that I am so drawn to the scent of Damask Rose. Harvey Prince has managed to bottle all of the love, beauty and desire from a bouquet of roses into the best Valentines gift, Damask Rose!


I always hint to my husband to purchase Damask Rose for me year after year because it’s a gift I can carry with me all the way until the next Valentine’s Day. Every morning when I spritz on Damask Rose, I am reminded of the love my husband has for me. As I flip my hair or catch a quick whiff of my scent throughout the day, I feel like my husband has followed me to work with a warm embrace.


Damask Rose is not like a box of chocolates or a vase of roses, it’s a personal, thoughtful gift that women of all ages and lifestyles will appreciate. A woman’s scent is a very intimate thing, and buying her afragrance from Harvey Prince, with products made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, shows you only want the best for her. My husband was hesitant to buy me a perfume at first because he knows I only wear eco-conscious scents, but Harvey Prince is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so he knows Damask Rose isperfect for me. Every year, I send him a link to the Harvey Prince online store as a not so subtle reminder that the best Valentines gift is only one click away!