Best Vanilla Perfume for Women

Without fail, every winter I crave warm vanilla scents that comfort and soothe me, making me want to curl up in a ball under a cozy blanket. Sometimes, I wish I could carry this feeling with me throughout the year instead of just experiencing it in winter. I never thought it would be possible, but with the best vanilla perfume for women, Madagascar Vanilla by Harvey Prince, my dream has become a reality!

madagascar vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla is part of the Singular Scentsations line by Harvey Prince, a collection of fragrances crafted with only one note. When I buy Madagascar Vanilla from the Harvey Prince online store, I know I’m getting the best vanilla perfume for women because it contains the essence of pure vanilla from Madagascar and isn’t bogged down with other artificial notes like generic department store fragrances.


So why do I love vanilla so much? The vanilla scent has this power to instantly rid my body of stress. When I take a whiff of the best vanilla perfume for women, I can feel a calm come over me, starting in my shoulders and working its way down to my toes. By the time I exhale, releasing that incredible scent from my body, I’m completely at ease with the world. With the best vanilla perfume for women, Madagascar Vanilla, I can carry this soothing power with me in my purse! When work becomes too stressful or I freak out over missing the last train home, I simply reach into my bag for a spritz of sweet Madagascar Vanilla, and immediately feel like a new woman!

happy woman

Normally, I would worry about using too much of a product, but I know the best vanilla perfume for women is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so I don’t have to worry. The fact that Madagascar Vanilla is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free means I don’t have to stress and feel guilty about my fragrance choice! Who needs a warm bath or sensual massage? Not me. I have secret stress relief with Madagascar Vanilla, the best vanilla perfume for women!