Carnation is a flower of the species Dianthus. A herbaceous perennial plant, carnations grow in a range of colors, from red to purple, white to pink.

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Today a commonly grown flower all over the world, carnation is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region. Colombia is currently the largest producer of carnation in the world.

Carnation, Carnation perfume, pink carnation, what is carnation











Carnations represent love, friendship, and fidelity in many countries and cultures across the world. When in their various colors, carnations symbolize different values. For example, white typically signifies pure love and good luck, light red suggests admiration, and dark red represents deep love and romance. Furthermore, purple denotes capriciousness, and pink symbolizes a mother’s undying love—based on the belief that pink carnations first appeared on earth from the Virgin Mary’s tears as Jesus carried the cross.

Carnation, Carnation perfume, pink carnation, what is carnation

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