Green apple is an ingredient commonly used in perfumes due to its fresh, sweet scent. The apple tree, known as Malus domestica, is a deciduous tree in the rose family. Currently cultivated worldwide, with the largest producers being China, U.S.A and Turkey, apples originated in Central Asia. There are over 7,500 cultivars of apple today. Harvey Prince uses green apple essence in its best selling Skinny Chic and Ageless perfumes.
AppleGreen Apple

Skinny Chic is a crisp, clean perfume with notes of green apple along with fresh grapefruit, bergamot, marine mint, sweet lotus blossom, fennel, sensual white cedarwood, warm amber and iris. Skinny Chic can help curb cravings due to its green apple, grapefruit, bergamot, mint and fennel notes, the scents of which trigger a response in our brains whereby we feel satisfied in spite of the fact that we haven’t actually eaten these foods. Imagine being able to smell great and lose weight all at the same time! It’s possible with a spritz of Skinny Chic the best green apple perfume.
Skinny-Chic-50MLSkinny Chic Perfume

Ageless perfume is Harvey Prince’s first fragrance and a perennial best seller. Women love Ageless for its anti-aging properties and its classic scent. Inspired by research that shows the scents of pink grapefruit and mango disguise the aroma of aging caused by the breakdown of particular fatty acids in the skin, Ageless, which contains not only pink grapefruit and mango but fresh green apple, pineapple, pomegranate, leafy greens, sweet jasmine, lily, cherry blossom, peony, precious wood and sensual vanilla, makes you feel and smell 8 to 12 years younger. Ageless, the best anti-aging perfume, is a deliciously fruity fragrance that proves age really is just a number!
Ageless-50MLAgeless Perfume

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