Hottest Beauty Trends Out There – The Best Tips to Make Your Pregnancy Enjoyable

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends? Are you scared that you won’t be able to afford to stay on top of the game? Fear not! Our beauty specialists at Harvey Prince have sifted through the hottest websites and beauty channels and have come up with a list of the best beauty trends that are out there–all while keeping your wallets full!

It’s the time of year again, and the pregnancy bug is amongst us! We kid, but it may seem like there’s at least someone in your life that you know is expecting or is trying to get pregnant. If you’re already on the journey of motherhood or just want to learn a few tips of what to prepare for, then don’t worry. Harvey Prince has got you covered with the best pregnancy tips to make your time as an expectant mother easier, or to help out your loved ones that are going on through this glorious life journey!

  • The first tip that we have for expectant mothers out there is to find what works for you! Pregnancy is by far one of the craziest life passages that a woman can undergo, and if you’re freaking out over how your body is acting, don’t worry! You are absolutely not alone! The first trimester of pregnancy is a time where your body is adjusting to the hormones and getting prepared for being a mother. If you find that your favorite foods now make you sick, and you are confined to eating crackers with ginger ale, don’t worry. This too shall pass! You’ll find that in your second trimester, you’ll start to feel more like your old self. The best tip we can give you from our staff who are pregnant is to not be too hard on yourself! If you’re too sick to go out, stay home! If you feel like sleeping most of the day, take a nap! Do whatever feels right with your body and don’t apologize for it. You’re going through the greatest life passage of all–just take it day by day and before you know it, your first trimester will be over!
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  • Our second tip is to dress comfortably so you feel at ease! We can’t stress this enough! Depending on your size, you may or may not be showing by the end of your first trimester. If you aren’t, you at least are starting to feel your favorite clothes become a little tighter! Start to find some clothing that you know will expand with you as your baby and belly grow! As your belly begins to enlarge, you’re going to find that your back may begin to hurt and it may be harder to find a comfortable position when you sit and lie down for bed. It may sound cliché, but you’re going to want to create the most comfortable surroundings for you, especially after a long day at work or taking care of the home! Pregnancy pillows are a must! You’ll find that you need the most amount of support on your lower back or your belly as you move around to find a comfortable position. There’s no shame to the pregnancy pillow game! Remember, you’re trying to make yourself comfortable for two people, so you need double the comfort now!
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  • Our final tip to you is to treat yourself! Even if you’re bathing in cocoa butter and shea butter to help ease the stretch marks and itching, there’s no need for you to have to merely smell like cocoa and shea butter! Our Hello Body Butter is the best moisturizing cream for your body with deeply nourishing shea butter and sweet almond oil, and it has the best sweet fragrance with Sicilian lemon, Spanish mandarin, and plumeria botanical extracts. If you’ve had a difficult pregnancy in the first trimester, consider this the time for you to completely treat and pamper yourself for the last couple of difficult weeks! Expand your fragrance game further! Check out our online shop where we have an assortment of body washes, lotions and perfumes for you to take your pampering to a whole new level. Don’t be ashamed to want to indulge yourself every once in a while. You’re a mama now, and trust us, your baby will be happier in your stomach knowing that their mama is happy and relaxed. Pregnancy is all about what you make of it, so why not make it the best experience of your life!
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For more tips and tricks on how to achieve your favorite beauty trends for less, stay tuned. Harvey Prince is all about creating the best of everything with you in mind and we’re coming out with a series of blog posts for all of those beauty lovers that want to look fabulous without going broke! All you have to do is stay tuned to be gorgeous and feel your best!