Hottest Beauty Trends Out There – How to Perfect Your Night Time Routine

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends? Are you scared that you won’t be able to afford to stay on top of the game? Fear not! Our beauty specialists at Harvey Prince have combed the hottest websites and beauty channels and have come up with a list of the best beauty trends that are out there–all while keeping your wallets full!

Sleep is a beautiful time when you allow yourself to completely unwind from the day’s stress and recharge your body. Unfortunately, if you’re like most of us in today’s society, you aren’t getting enough of it. But just as it’s important to have your own routine when you wake up and try to take on the world, it is equally as important to have a routine to help you unwind and make the most of out of your beauty sleep! If you’re in dire need of upgrading your sleep game, then don’t worry–Harvey Prince has your back!

  • Your cells in your body are naturally recharging and repairing themselves while you are getting some shut eye. With this in mind, why not take advantage and help nourish the largest organ in your body: your skin! Think of getting an organic body oil with vitamin E that is going to revive the dull cells of your skin and refresh your whole appearance. While specialized night creams or oils that are designed to work while you sleep are an option, you can also opt for a moisturizing body butter like Hello Body Butter which contains sweet almond oil and shea butter to keep your skin soft and supple all night! You can smooth out the Body Butter on your arms, legs, and feet so that you wake up with renewed, hydrated skin. The best part is, you’ll not only feel refreshed, but your skin will look better–and who doesn’t love that!
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  • The next step in perfecting your night routine is getting yourself in the mood to sleep. We know how that sounds but it is equally so important for you to create a positive setting that is going to promote healthy sleep and rejuvenation. Make sure that you initiate the natural progression of unwinding your mind by putting your electronic devices away when it’s time for you to go to bed. We know it may sound crazy, but just the harshness of the glare from your cell phone or computer is enough to strain your eyes and prevent them from rest. Instead, opt for a sleep machine that plays relaxing sounds like ocean waves, or falling rain, to create a calming environment.
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  • In keeping with the theme of setting the mood, create the fragrant ambience of a relaxing environment by spraying soothing scents in your bedroom and lightly on the underside of your pillows to de-stress. You can stick to your favorite relaxing fragrances like Madagascar Vanilla, or English Lavender, and create the feeling that you are literally engulfed in their calming scent. In research studies, the scents of both vanilla and lavender have been shown to induce internal tranquility and to promote sleep. If you continuously do this every night before sleep, you create the habit that whenever your body smells vanilla or lavender, it will instantly relax and know that it is time for bed!
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For more of the best tips and tricks on how to achieve your favorite beauty trends for less, stay tuned! Harvey Prince is all about creating the best of everything with you in mind and we’re coming out with a series of blog posts for all of those beauty lovers that want to look fabulous without spending a ton of money! Stay tuned for weekly updates to feel happy and be gorgeous!