Hottest Beauty Trends Out There – Top Spicy Candles for Autumn

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends? Are you scared that you won’t be able to afford to stay on top of the game? Fear not! Our beauty specialists at Harvey Prince have sifted through the hottest websites and beauty channels and have come up with a list of the best beauty trends that are out there–all while keeping your wallets full!

There’s something about lighting a few scented candles that is so warm and cozy–no wonder scented candles are must have for the Fall! As the temperatures drop, and you search for something that makes your house feel more like a home, then candles are a good way to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance! If you want to find the best scents for candles that emulate all of the glorious ways that fall is such an incredible season, then stay tuned to learn more!

  • A wonderful transitioning scent for from summer to fall in candles is the smell of roasted marshmallows! YES! If you’re confused as to how the scent of roasted marshmallows can tie both of these fun seasons together then just imagine a perfect summer or fall night with a campfire going. You look toward the campfire and see the gooey goodness of marshmallows and chocolate. Marshmallow-scented candles are the best sweet scent to transport you to that campfire, indulge your olfactory sweet tooth, and prepare for the upcoming chilly season!
  • roasted marshmallows

  • The next best scent that’s a complete staple of the fall season is the scent of apple and cinnamon together! The delicious warmth of cinnamon apples combined with the crispness of changing fall leaves is such a beautiful spicy scent that reminds us of going apple picking! It’s hard to not fall in love with the most glorious aspect of the fall: the changing colors of the leaves! To have a candle with the best apple and cinnamon scent that embodies all of the glorious feelings and memories will turn your house into a cozy sanctuary in no time!
  • apple-cinnamon

  • Fall is not complete without the scent of pumpkin! The combination of pumpkin and cinnamon was a gift from the Gods to us mere mortals and we can’t get enough of it! Pumpkin pie and pumpkin-spiced lattes are in every bakery and coffee shop and there is something that is completely warm and comforting about pumpkin! From evoking delicious pumpkin pie to being completely appropriate for the season, pumpkin candles are the perfect staple to transition your house to a warm fall home!
  • Pumpkin-cinnamon

When purchasing one of these scents for yourself, try to stick to soy candles instead of the conventional paraffin candles. Not only do they burn longer, but they’re better for you to inhale as well. Here’s a fun fact about soy candles that makes us even more in love with the scents they emanate!

  • Soy candles burn cleaner with little to no soot released, while paraffin candles release a substantial amount of soot that sticks to the insides of the candle and the walls of your home as well. Also, soy candles are toxic-free so they’re safe for you to inhale all of the fine essential oil goodness!

If you want to take your love for cinnamon to new heights and simply can’t get enough of it, then Harvey Prince has also got you covered! Whenever you want to take the spicy goodness of cinnamon with you wherever you go, you can purchase Temptress perfume! It has notes of cinnamon, pumpkin pie, and lavender which are guaranteed to not only satisfy your cinnamon obsession, but also make your boyfriend or husband fall even more in love with you! Research shows that the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie scents remind men of feeling comforted, stimulated, and aroused!

Temptress Perfume

For more tips and tricks on how to achieve your favorite beauty trends for less, stay tuned. Harvey Prince is all about creating the best of everything with you in mind and we’re coming out with a series of blog posts for all of those beauty lovers that want to look fabulous without going broke! All you have to do is stay tuned for weekly updates to be gorgeous and feel amazing!