Hottest Beauty Trends Out There – Transitioning to Rich Fall Fragrances

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends? Are you scared that you won’t be able to afford to stay on top of the game? Fear not! Our beauty specialists at Harvey Prince have sifted through the hottest websites and beauty channels and have come up with a list of the best beauty trends that are out there–all while keeping your wallets full!

Welcome Fall with Rich Cinnamon Scents

It might feel like it’s still summer during the day, but the nights are starting to take on a cool nip here and there. With the end of September quickly approaching, it’s almost time to bid goodbye to summer. Before we know it, we’ll be knee-deep in the days of harvest-themed decor, cozy sweaters, and Halloween decorations. Some stores even already carry these items!

With that in mind, it’s getting to be the time of year to put away the light, sweet scents of summer like the citrus and floral perfumes. Soon, it will be time to turn towards the hearty, deep fragrances of fall. And there are few scents more iconic to fall than the scent of cinnamon. Just the name alone conjures images of spiced apple cider, warm apple pie made from a fresh crop of apples, and the general feel of harvest’s abundance.

If you’re anything like us at Harvey Prince then you’re just as obsessed with cinnamon fragrances! When you want to really get into the crisp, fall mood and desire to take your cinnamon scent game to the next level without purchasing all of the cinnamon and pumpkin spiced candles that are on the market (I know we’re guilty of this too)–we have another option for you to get your daily fix of cinnamon! You can take the spicy scent of cinnamon with you every day by wearing one of the best sensual fragrances for women!


One of the best cinnamon perfumes for women is Temptress. It carries a deep, seductive style with a strong cinnamon note. The perfume combines the notes of flowers and spice. It’s perfect if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to let go of summer too soon, but are ready to transition to fall perfumes. With Temptress, which is our best sexy perfume, you get the light florals associated with spring and summer, such as ylang-ylang, jasmine, and freesia, but are also introduced to deeper fall and winter scents like seductive cinnamon, pumpkin pie and nutmeg.


Another one of the best sensual perfumes for women is Eau Fling. It combines spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie notes with fruity blackcurrant, plumb, raspberry, and apple to add a delicate, sweet touch. This cinnamon perfume is a well-rounded, deep scent that is sure to attract attention and affection this fall!


If you want to add some extra romance into your life then Eau Fling and Temptress are the best sensual perfumes for you! Both Eau Fling and Temptress have lavender and pumpkin pie notes that are proven by research to excite and attract men more than any other scents! If you want to wear the best sexy perfumes that your boyfriend or husband will love on you, then our Eau Fling and Temptress fragrances are the best sensual perfumes for you! Not only will you love how you smell in these luxury perfumes, but you’ll be exceptionally happy at how irresistible your man will find you!

For more tips and tricks on how to achieve your favorite beauty trends for less, stay tuned. Harvey Prince is all about creating the best of everything with you in mind and we’re coming out with a series of blog posts for all of those beauty lovers that want to look fabulous without going broke! All you have to do is stay tuned for weekly updates to feel amazing and look gorgeous!