A genus of shrubs and vines in the Oleaceae (olive) family, jasmine is widely regarded for its flowers, which produce a heady, intoxicatingly sweet fragrance. Jasmine absolute is often used in perfumery along with other floral notes to yield beautifully nuanced accord fragrances. Harvey Prince uses jasmine in a number of our best selling perfumes for women, including Ageless, Temptress, Petaly Noir, and Signature.

Native to tropical Eurasia, Australasia, and Oceania, jasmine exhibits a tremendous diversity in particular in South and Southeast Asia. Throughout the world, there are about 200 species of jasmine in total. Jasmine flowers are typically yellowish white and, upon blooming, release a hypnotically lush fragrance. Along with perfumery, jasmine is used in East Asian teas, in Hindu religious ceremonies, and in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and well-being.

Our team at Harvey Prince knew we found something special when we were working with the highest quality, best jasmine. We wanted to create perfumes that encompassed the sophistication of jasmine for sensual women that would fall in love with its sexy, deep scent. After the success of Ageless, we knew we were on the right path and formulated Temptress, Petaly Noir, and Signature perfumes for those women that deserve the best variety of jasmine fragrances!

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Jasmine Flowers

Harvey Prince loves the deeply sensual scent of jasmine and we’ve included it an array of our best selling perfumes. Ageless combines anti-aging pink grapefruit and delicious mango notes with dewy jasmine, fresh lily of the valley, and sweet cherry blossom for an uplifting fruity, floral fragrance for women — the best youthful perfume.

Ageless1 50ml
Ageless Perfume

In Temptress perfume, Harvey Prince created a seductive fragrance with warm pumpkin pie and lavender, which elicit a strong arousal response in men, blended with sensual jasmine, lush ylang-ylang, and spicy cinnamon. Temptress is the best flirty perfume for women.

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Temptress Perfume

Petaly Noir perfume is the best sexy perfume for women. Petaly Noir combines sensual night-blooming jasmine with tropical orchid, sweet lily of the valley, and alluring sandalwood, deeply enticing you and your partner with each luxurious whiff!

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Petaly Noir Perfume

The newest addition to our line of women’s fragrances, Signature perfume is designed to be your “signature scent.” Sweet, addictive, and versatile, Signature can be worn day through evening, with its notes of fresh Japanese Mikan, Hawaiian jasmine, sacred lotus, and Rajnigandha (tuberose). Signature perfume is the best perfume for everyday wear.

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Signature Perfume

Browse HarveyPrince.com to find the best jasmine perfume for you. Our Online Store features diverse fragrances that range from sweet florals to sexy spices, sensual woods to delicious gourmands, all designed to make you feel healthy, happy, and your best!