A herb of the mint family, patchouli is a plant from the genus Pogostemon. Patchouli’s name derives from the Tamil language of South India—patchai meaning green and ellai meaning leaf. Patchouli is also spelled in English as “patchouly” or “pachouli.” Patchouli essential oil has been used in perfumery for hundreds of years. Its natural oils are extracted by steam distillation from its leaves. Harvey Prince sells the best patchouli perfume for women, using the highest quality patchouli essential oil for our Sexy Patchouly, Petaly Noir, and Signature fragrances.

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Patchouli Leaves

Patchouli grows in tropical climates such as South and Southeast Asia and is native to that region of the world. Patchouli has a scent profile that is dark and earthy with sweet, woody elements. It has tremendous depth, warmth, and mystery to it. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, patchouli became associated with hippies, who often wore it. Since then, the public’s view of patchouli has evolved as its use in fine perfumery has increased. Patchouli is also used in aromatherapy as a relaxant and is believed to have calming effects.

We at Harvey Prince traveled to the beautiful climates in tropical Asia and selected the finest grade of patchouli to create the most unique scents for our fellow perfumistas. We wanted to create the sexiest fragrances that encompass the warmth of a sensual woman. With you in mind, we formulated the best perfumes and came up with Sexy Patchouly perfume, Petaly Noir, and Signature for your sniffing pleasure!

Patchouli can stand alone as the star of a single-note fragrance such as Harvey Prince’s Sexy Patchouly perfume. Or, patchouli can be used in an accord fragrance such as our Petaly Noir and Signature  perfumes, in which it nicely complements their floral notes.

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If you love the singular sensual edge of patchouli, we recommend Sexy Patchouly perfume for its warm, playful scent. In Petaly Noir, we blend patchouli with sweet orchid, intoxicating jasmine, and lush lily of the valley for the best sexy perfume imaginable. And in Signature, we mix patchouli with fresh citrus, youthful pink grapefruit, alluring Hawaiian jasmine, and uplifting Japanese honeysuckle for the best sweet perfume.

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Browse to find the best patchouli perfume for you. Whatever your mood—sexy or sweet, relaxed or flirty—our Online Store features a range of fragrances for men and women that will make you feel happy, beautiful, and your best.