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It’s nothing new, the realization that life has gifted itself the ability to smell, with the intention to survive; in animalistic terms -to predict danger, find food and breed. To a human cognizance however, fragrances do much more than provide with basic life skills – they invoke emotions, build perceptions and establish identities.

Our nose – It can smell a trillion scents!

Our nose can detect a variety of smells, and each allows a unique sensation with every person. One is the woody, viscous smell – of the forests, musk and ponds; an earthy scent that will remind you of something burnt, like smoky outdoors. Another example is of the cool, refreshing kind – the mint flavor, which will bring you to the exhilaration of hygiene and cleanliness. However at the end of the day, the flavor that wins popularity hands down is the sweet scent.

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We can even smell fear and sexual arousal – imagine that!

It is rather true that poetry, while copying life, captures certain nuances that might be rendered ignored by the rest. In many such cases, poets have come to break down, the romantic idea of ‘sweet scents’, describing the smells of nature, weaving them with relationships, emotions and other intangibilities.

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Only 7 primary smells exist in the natural world

Sweet smells may be floral – roses, the small blossoms of honeysuckle, and jasmine; fruity –strawberries & berries, melons, lemons and such; or sugary –like chocolates and vanilla. Most good perfumes would be a blend with Benzoin Absolute, which adds a wonderful balsamic, sweet backdrop to the fragrance, while mixing as well with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, cypress and other saccharine oils.

Good sweet smells make you happier!

Research and studies have all suggested increased pro-social behavior on account of a sweet-smelling ambience. People tend to feel far more positive in a sweet-smelling environment, than otherwise, which makes them want to help fellow people more often and willingly.

Looking for innocent and sweet perfumes. The best ones have a good amount of vanilla.  Women love sweet, sugary perfumes that smell awesome and last all day long.  Harvey Prince Hello is one of the best examples of a sweet smelling perfume that makes women happy. It’s definitely one of those fragrances that will keep you smelling oh-so-sweet!  Also checkout the sweet sulfate-free and color safe shampoo & conditioner. Available at the online perfume shop harveyprince.com

Why do they have such effects?

One of the reasons why sweet smells have been known to have such calming effects on sociological behavior of humans is the ingredient Benzoin Absolute. It is a warm, vanilla-scented resin with gentle, uplifting properties that has been used in the East since ancient times, both medicinally and as an incense. It is also used as an aromatherapy healer, for its relaxing effect – that translates just as well into perfumes.

To go through such a surreal experience and more, you can try any one of the best sweet fragrances around by Harvey PrinceHello, and Ageless.

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Benzoin Resin on a Tree

Harvey Prince Ageless

Ageless is one of the fragrances in the Fantasy range of Harvey Prince, that has been specially designed to make you smell more youthful. This precious elixir is an amalgamation of grapefruit, jasmine, pink grapefruits, a perfectly natural blend of psycho-stimulants. This floral-citrus fragrance does what a sweet scent is supposed to do –wash you over with freshness, and calm your nerves. Available in 50ml bottles of beauty, the idea of ‘ageless’ started with the intention of gifting the mother of the brother-duo behind Harvey Prince, a nice scent. Using olfactory research and sophisticated techniques, what they ended up with however, was much more than that. The ingredients so carefully chosen are ones that can fight the odor of fatty acids in our skin that have broken down. To avail the best benefits of this perfume, apply it on your pulse points – neck, wrists and so on.

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Harvey Prince Hello

Hello comes as a massive splash of spring from Harvey Prince, touted as the most energizing, sweetest fragrances ever from the perfume giant. It is an intoxicating aroma of citrus, Meyer lemons and oranges, with the highlights of white grapefruit, mandarin, pink plumeria and vanilla, and a certain edge of musk. It may be understated but by and large, bursting at the helms with the massive energy of the Summer Forsythia, a spring flower – which will make you blossom from inside out. Available in beautiful 50ml bottles, this sweet fragrance is what joy is waking up to a shining sun, and floral winds, all to keep you invigorated and positive for the rest of the day. Moreover, this scent will last all day long and act as a mood-booster whenever you need it.

Wearing any of the two Harvey Prince fragrances will bestow you with a positive burst of energy. The sweet lining of these scents will bring your years back, and let the feeling of wholeness surround you.

Hello was specially formulated to bring a sense of peace to you whenever you spritz it! Its mixture of citrus, florals and vanilla is an otherworldly combination that has made Hello one of the most popular perfumes for women! We’ve blended the finest ingredients to create a luxury perfume that we’re proud to call our own, and now you can call Hello yours, too! Allow yourself to be swept away by its sweet, luminous notes and watch as the rest of the world falls in love with you!

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Fact: Women’s sense of smell is the strongest

For young women, in particular, sweet scents have played a major role in their choice of perfume. As old traditions go, ‘sweet’ has always been a feminine idea; as have been flowers, mist, honey, and berries. Many women products will, thus, have a sweet connotation – lip balms, shampoos –made with berry extracts or the petals of rose. This aura not only empowers women, but makes the idea of a woman graceful, and beautifully delicate at the same time.

Everyone has his or her favorite smell

Regardless of the sex, sweet fragrances exist to provide a sense of serenity to even men. They’re universally loved, being so often the smell of innocence, freshness and love. Embrace sweet scents and even you will believe in its healing touch, be it in your mood or your work. So go ahead – feel safe and smell heavenly with your own sweet fragrance.

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Shouldn’t the best scents be made with high quality ingredients? Harvey Prince thinks so. That’s why all of Harvey Prince’s products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. You’ll never have to wonder how your fave perfume was crafted and what kind of crazy ingredients are inside. Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so even eco-conscious ladies will fall in love! Bookmark the Harvey Prince online store to get access to the latest and greatest perfume + beauty deals and discounts!

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