One aspect of nature that is remarkable is its ability to turn unfortunate situations into something beautiful! Like the calm blue skies after a hurricane, nature shows us that light will always come out after the worst of storms. So, too, does nature create something magical with Oud.

Now, if you’re an avid user of deep, woody incense perfumes, odds are you have already encountered this gem of a fragrance and have used it yourself. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to use it or smell it, fear not! Our team at Harvey Prince has discovered all there is to know about Oud and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you!

Oud Wood
Oud Wood

If you want to learn about the unique, woody notes of Oud, you have to start at the source: majestic Evergreen trees. No matter how harsh the climate, whether sweltering heat or bitter cold, these Evergreen trees always maintain their luscious foliage. They predominately reside in tropical or temperate climates but are durable enough to survive in the coolest of temperatures. Evergreen trees seem virtually indestructible! However, even one of the strongest of nature’s resources has weaknesses….

Found predominately in the Evergreen trees of Southeast Asia, there is a distinct infection that attacks the otherwise pale, light heartwood in Evergreen trees. As the impurity progresses, a dark, deeply aromatic resin forms on the tree’s heartwood—this resinous heartwood is what we know as Oud. The longer this infection lasts in the tree, the stronger and more distinctive the Oud becomes. Like a fine wine, Oud gets better and stronger with age. The highest quality Oud can be one of the most expensive materials for perfume in the world!

Oud Tree Infection
Evergreen Tree Infection

Now you may wonder, what makes Oud so appealing? Imagine yourself escaping from the rushed concrete jungle of a city and instead finding yourself in a deep forest filled with large, lush trees. The air quality here is not only better, but you have the ability to smell the sweet, pine scent that is foreign to the city. There is nothing better than being surrounded by nature in its full glory, and with a mere whiff of Oud in perfume, you are automatically transported to these majestic Evergreen trees that produce nothing but the purest, sweetest oxygen to your lungs.

For this quality, (and many more) we at Harvey Prince fell in love with the magical abilities of Oud and have cultivated the finest grade of Arabian Oud to formulate the best smelling fragrance for men that aspire to live their best life!

50ml bottle2 big
BIG cologne

Not only did we discover the finest grade of exotic Arabian Oud, but we also blended the best complementary scents to make BIG the highest quality, luxury fragrance for men. In our BIG cologne, we included masculine notes of Sicilian lemon, Italian mandarin, and Texas Cedarwood to bring out the best scent in BIG’s Arabian Oud!

Like its name, BIG is a cologne that’s for bold, daring and adventurous men who never settle for less than the best and whose spirits are profoundly big and larger than life!

If you want the best cologne that encompasses your larger than life personality, then BIG was specially formulated for you! If you want to wear a luxury cologne that’s guaranteed to attract the woman of your dreams, then you’ve come to the right place! The masculinity of Texas Cedarwood mixed with freshness of the Sicilian lemon & Italian mandarin is guaranteed to make her fall in love with you! Take it from us–BIG is the most alluring scent for men out there!

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