Hottest Beauty Trends Out There – Waking Up Tired Eyes!

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends? Are you scared that you won’t be able to afford to stay on top of the game? Fear not! Our beauty specialists at Harvey Prince have come up with a list of the best beauty trends that are out there–all while keeping your wallets full!

It’s Fall–which means it’s time to take a break from beaches and pools and get back to the reality of school and work. (I know-we hate it too!) But unfortunately, with the responsibility of everyday life comes the added burden of everyday stress. Often times that means pulling all-nighters for research papers and work assignments, which means lack of sleep and tired, dark eyes. If the burden of the world is weighing you down, fear not! We’ve researched all of the ways that make your tired, puffy eyes look bright and wide awake!

  • The most common cause of dark circles is lack of sleep, but if you can’t seem to squeeze in a couple of more hours in then don’t worry! Often times, under eye puffiness is caused due to fluid retention that occurs overnight. You can solve this by wetting a spoon and leaving it in the freezer overnight (old school–but trust us, it works!). When you wake up, simply place the spoon on the puffiest parts of your eyes for several seconds and alternate to your other eye. The science behind this is cold shrinks cells, so it will shrink the puffiness under your eyes to help you look awake at a moment’s notice!
  • Eyewithspoon

  • Another cause of dark circles is allergies that cause your eyes to get itchy and dry. Often times, this causes us to rub our eyes, which breaks tiny blood vessels under the skin’s surface causing discoloration and premature wrinkles. Of course a solution for this would be to take some allergy medication, but if you find that your eyes are still dry and itchy, you could always use eye drops that are formulated to cool and wake up your eyes. The hydration could be the added boost that you need soothe your eyes and take on the day!
  • Eye-Drops

  • The world’s first perception of trying to combat dark circles is to find the lightest shade of concealer for your skin tone to cover it up. But the one thing that’s worse than dark circles is dark circles that show through your light cover-up like bruises! Instead, try to stick with an orange tinted concealer. Unlike white concealers, orange pigments actually combat the blue undertones that make dark circles look so intense. After you cover your under eye area, you can then blend your favorite foundation on top of it to make your under eye area look refreshed. Using this method will create a natural effect, and no one will question how many hours of sleep you had!
  • Eyeconcealer

For more tips and tricks on how to achieve your favorite beauty trends for less, stay tuned. Harvey Prince is all about creating the best of everything with you in mind and we’re coming out with a series of blog posts for all of those beauty lovers that want to look fabulous without going broke! All you have to do is stay tuned for our beauty updates to stay gorgeous and sexy!