Best Cologne for Men

My husband is unlike any man I’ve ever met before. He’s a thrill-seeker, a risk-taker, a masculine man who also has this soft, sensitive side whenever I’m around. How do I celebrate the man that he is and let him know I love every single quality of his? This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to say “I love you” with the best cologne for men, BIG by Harvey Prince.


The best cologne for men, BIG, was definitely made for a bold, original man, so I know it will be perfect for my husband. Its masculine notes of Texas cedar wood, cashmeran and Indian vetiver give BIG a strong, yet understated scent. But my favorite part about BIG is its notes of Tahitian vanilla, Arabian oud, clean musk and warm amber. Just like my husband, BIG has a soft and compassionate side that complements his masculine energy well. In my heart, I feel BIG honors who my husband really is and makes no apologies for being both masculine and tender at the same time. With the best cologne for men, my husband can embrace both sides of his personality and face the world as a fearless, powerful man!


As if all these amazing notes weren’t enough, BIG also has notes of Italian mandarin, Barbadian grapefruit, Javanese lemongrass and sweet lemon oil, which give BIG a refreshing, rejuvenating scent that I know my husband will be immediately drawn toward. I’ve never seen these exotic notes used in generic department store colognes before, so I know BIG is the best cologne for men because it offers something that others are missing!


Just because my husband is a manly man doesn’t mean he’s afraid to admit he likes a little luxury in his life. I know he’ll love the best cologne for men since it’s made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. I’m trying so hard to get him to pay more attention to what kind of products he uses and puts on his body, and because BIG is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, this falls right in line with my plan! When I bought the best cologne for men, I didn’t even need to think of an excuse for why I was going to the mall, since it’s conveniently sold online in the Harvey Prince online store! I can’t wait for him to unwrap his best cologne gift on Valentine’s Day and fall in love!