Best Valentines Gift

I know it’s up to my husband what kind of gift I get for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drop a few subtle hints about what I expect, right? This year, I’m putting all of my energy into casually hinting that my husband should get me the best Valentines gift, Damask Rose perfume by Harvey Prince. After all, men need a little help when it comes to picking out gifts, so really I’m just doing him a favor by making it easy for him!


You know that feeling you get when someone sends a dozen roses to your doorstep? For me, I light up with pure joy. Sending flowers is such a sweet gesture because the scent of these beautiful roses fills your home for days, reminding you with every whiff of the person you love. With the best Valentines gift, Damask Rose by Harvey Prince, I can live in this moment of pure happiness for much longer than the lifespan of a rose! Damask Rose is a single-note rose fragrance crafted in the USA with the best essential oil from roses. Its scent is intoxicating and pure, and a bottle of Damask Rose will last much longer in my home than a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day!


I love the idea of getting a fragrance as the best Valentines gift because it means I’ll get to carry a little piece of my husband with me throughout the day, after I spritz Damask Rose on in the morning! It’s even more romantic and seductive when my husband chooses to spray the perfume on my pressure points as I get dressed, like we’re sharing a sensual secret between just the two of us! Damask Rose is a totally modern rose fragrance, while retaining a classic spirit, and it reminds me of being in a fresh rose garden right after spring rain!


Damask Rose is not only the best Valentines gift, but also the best gift for eco-conscious ladies like me because it’s 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. As if that wasn’t enough, my man doesn’t even have to leave the house to buy me the best Valentines gift since it’s sold in the Harvey Prince online store! He should be thrilled I’m asking for such an affordably priced, luxury perfume gift that we’ll both be able to enjoy for months to come!